deny direct access to a folder and file by htaccess

Here is the scenario:

  • There is a index.php file in root folder
  • some files are included in index.php which are in the includes folder.
  • 1 other file (submit.php) is in the root folder for form submit action.

I want to restrict direct user access to the files in includes folder by htaccess. also for submit.php. But include will work for index.php file.
Like, if user types, it will restrict it (may be redirect to a error page).


I would just move the includes folder out of the web-root, but if you want to block direct access to the whole includes folder, you can put a .htaccess file in that folder that contains just:

deny from all

That way you cannot open any file from that folder, but you can include them in php without any problems.

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