How to convert minutes to hours/minutes and add various time values together using jQuery?

There are a couple parts to this question. I am not opposed to using a jQuery plugin if anyone knows of one that will accomplish what I want done.

Q1 – How do I convert minutes into hours and vise versa? For example how would I convert 90 minutes into 1 hour and 30 minutes. In the code below how would I get “totalMin” converted and displayed in “convertedHour” and “convertedMin”?


<span class="totalMin">90</span> Minutes

<span class="convertedHour">0</span> Hours
<span class="convertedMin">0</span> Minutes


Q2 – How would I add up a group of time slots? For example, How would I add 1 hour 30 mins, 2 hours 45 mins and 2 hour 15 mins together?


<span class="hour-1 hour">1</span> hour
<span class="min-1 min">30</span> min

<span class="hour-2 hour">2</span> hour
<span class="min-2 min">45</span> min

<span class="hour-3 hour">2</span> hour
<span class="min-3 min">15</span> min

<span class="totalHour">0</span> hour
<span class="totalMin">0</span> min


Q3 – How would I take a time value (3 hours and 30 mins) and add it to a real time stamp such as 10:30 AM? How would I take AM vs PM into account?



$(document).ready(function() {
    var totalMinutes = $('.totalMin').html();

    var hours = Math.floor(totalMinutes / 60);          
    var minutes = totalMinutes % 60;



$(document).ready(function() {

    var minutes = 0;

    $('.min').each(function() {
        minutes = parseInt($(this).html()) + minutes;

    var realmin = minutes % 60
    var hours = Math.floor(minutes / 60)

    $('.hour').each(function() {
        hours = parseInt($(this).html()) + hours;



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