How to implode array with key and value without foreach in PHP

Without foreach,
how can I turn an array like this

array("item1"=>"object1", "item2"=>"object2",......."item-n"=>"object-n");

to a string like this

item1='object1', item2='object2',.... item-n='object-n'

I thought about implode() already, but it doesn’t implode the key with it.

If foreach it necessary, is it possible to not nest the foreach?

I’ve changed the string

UPDATE: This question was asked quite a while ago. At that time, I wanted to write everything in one line so I would use ternary operators and nest built in function calls in favor of foreach. That was not a good practice! Write code that is readable, whether it is concise or not doesn’t matter that much.

In this case: putting the foreach in a function will be much more readable and modular than writing a one-liner(Even though all the answers are great!).


and another way:

$input = array(
    'item1'  => 'object1',
    'item2'  => 'object2',
    'item-n' => 'object-n'

$output = implode(', ', array_map(
    function ($v, $k) {
            return $k.'[]='.implode('&'.$k.'[]=', $v);
            return $k.'='.$v;


$output = implode(', ', array_map(
    function ($v, $k) { return sprintf("%s='%s'", $k, $v); },

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