Is there a SELECT … INTO OUTFILE equivalent in SQL Server Management Studio?

MySQL had a nifty command SELECT ... INTO OUTFILE that could write the result set into a file (CSV format or some other optional format).

I am currently using SQL Server Management Studio to query an MS-SQL backend server. I have multiple SQL queries and would like to write the output result set into a file. Is there any way I could store the results from a query directly into a file?


In SSMS, “Query” menu item… “Results to”… “Results to File”

Shortcut = CTRL+shift+F

You can set it globally too

“Tools”… “Options”… “Query Results”… “SQL Server”.. “Default destination” drop down

after comment

In SSMS, “Query” menu item… “SQLCMD” mode

This allows you to run “command line” like actions.

A quick test in my SSMS 2008

:OUT c:\foo.txt
SELECT * FROM sys.objects

Sep 2012

:OUT c:\foo.txt

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