PHP append one array to another (not array_push or +)

How to append one array to another without comparing their keys?

$a = array( 'a', 'b' );
$b = array( 'c', 'd' );

At the end it should be: Array( [0]=>a [1]=>b [2]=>c [3]=>d ) If I use something like [] or array_push, it will cause one of these results:

Array( [0]=>a [1]=>b [2]=>Array( [0]=>c [1]=>d ) )
Array( [0]=>c [1]=>d )

It just should be something, doing this, but in a more elegant way:

foreach ( $b AS $var )
    $a[] = $var;


array_merge is the elegant way:

$a = array('a', 'b');
$b = array('c', 'd');
$merge = array_merge($a, $b); 
// $merge is now equals to array('a','b','c','d');

Doing something like:

$merge = $a + $b;
// $merge now equals array('a','b')

Will not work, because the + operator does not actually merge them. If they $a has the same keys as $b, it won’t do anything.

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