SSIS Excel Connection Manager failed to Connect to the Source

I have a server that is capable of creating and running an Excel Import task using the Import Wizard. I am trying to automate that process by using a visual Studio 2010 Integration Services package, that I am developing on that server.

The problem happens when trying to design the package. I have added an excel connection and pointed it at the Excel file on a local disk (the same file I have already successfully imported using the import wizard). When I add an Excel Source to the DataFlow and specify the excel connection, when I go to the Name Of the Excel Sheet Drop down I just see “No tables or views can be loaded” and get the following error.

“Could not retrieve the table information for the connection manager.
Failed to connect to the source using the connection manager …”

I can’t find this error logged anywhere and i don’t know why it is failing. The directory is shared to Authenticated users and the file is not in use.

Any ideas how to debug this error? I understand there can be issues running this in 64 bit mode, but does that apply to development?

I should add that it is an excel 2007 file .XLSX and the connection is set to Excel 2007.

2019-11-08 The answer by GavB841 below looks promising, if anyone tries it and it works please let me know. (I am no longer working in this area.)


It seems like the 32-bit version of Excel was not installed. Remember
that SSDT is a 32-bit IDE. Therefore, when data is access from SSDT
the 32-bit data providers are used. When running the package outside
of SSDT it runs in 64-bit mode (not always, but mostly) and uses the
64-bit data providers.

Always keep in mind that if you want to run your package in 64-bit
(which you should aim for) you will need both the 32-bit data
providers (for development in SSDT) as well as the 64-bit data
providers (for executing the package in production).

I downloaded the 32-bit access drivers from:

After installation, I could see the worksheets


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