Two arrays in foreach loop

I want to generate a selectbox using two arrays, one containing the country codes and another containing the country names.

This is an example:

    $codes = array('tn','us','fr');
    $names = array('Tunisia','United States','France');

    foreach( $codes as $code and $names as $name ) {
        echo '<option value="' . $code . '">' . $name . '</option>';

This method didn’t work for me. Any suggestions?


foreach( $codes as $code and $names as $name ) { }

That is not valid.

You probably want something like this…

foreach( $codes as $index => $code ) {
   echo '<option value="' . $code . '">' . $names[$index] . '</option>';

Alternatively, it’d be much easier to make the codes the key of your $names array…

$names = array(
   'tn' => 'Tunisia',
   'us' => 'United States',

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