UPDATE and REPLACE part of a string

I’ve got a table with two columns, ID and Value. I want to change a part of some strings in the second column.

Example of Table:

ID            Value
1             c:\temp\123\abc\111
2             c:\temp\123\abc\222
3             c:\temp\123\abc\333
4             c:\temp\123\abc\444

Now the 123\ in the Value string is not needed. I tried UPDATE and REPLACE:

UPDATE dbo.xxx
SET Value = REPLACE(Value, '%123%', '')

When I execute the script SQL Server does not report an error, but it does not update anything either. Why is that?


You don’t need wildcards in the REPLACE – it just finds the string you enter for the second argument, so the following should work:

UPDATE dbo.xxx
SET Value = REPLACE(Value, '123\', '')

(I also added the \ in the replace as I assume you don’t need that either)

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